Using IDX Data to Automate Your SEO

Do you realize that you have a very powerful database at your disposal for search engine marketing?

We have more than a decade under our belt slicing and dicing IDX data to help agents and brokers attract online customers, nurture relationships with those customers, and close deals. Over the years we've picked up a trick or two. One of our highest performing techniques has now been developed into a listings-driven automated SEO tool. 

If you or your webmaster understand the basic principles of search engine marketing and optimization, you understand how powerful it can be to index a large quantity of pages in the search engines attached to your website’s URL.

The best way to accomplish this objective on a large scale is to have a large database of data relevant to your expertise at your disposal, and the ability to manipulate that data.

Let us automate your SEO!

If you’re a quantity lead player, you need tons and tons of indexed pages in the search engines with relevant information on them together with your name, contact information and effective lead capturing tools. 

Lucky for you, you have access to an extremely large database of such relevant information in the form of your MLS data. Our custom IDX tools allow you to automatically create as many pages indexed in Google and other search engines as there are listings in your database and even more – all with your name, contact information and effective lead capturing tools on them.

We have a client with access to an IDX database with approximately 120,000 listings on any given day. At last check, his site is indexing 2.19 million pages in Google. As you can guess, his website traffic is outstanding, he has plenty of leads and he makes enough money from advertising on the site to pay for the hard costs of the site. He is using our tool to index each listing on its own URL on his site (along with a proprietary mix of other parameters).

We have another client with access to an IDX database with approximately 40,000 listings on any given day. As of the date of this writing, he is indexing 300,000 pages by indexing city and subdivision listings from his farm area (along with his proprietary mix of other parmeters).

How does this Work?

We have a basic recipe that is too valuable to detail here on the web, but it involves a combination of database search queries, SEO-friendly URL’s, customizable fields (for addition of unique content by you), meta information, header tags and other search engine signals, all rolled into one tool that pumps these signals into a page with pertinent database info, and “adds itself” to your website on an automated basis.

Here at IDXnetwork, we understand how to build a page that automatically populates pertinent Google signals on a page on your website, along with the supporting listings data from your IDX database.

You tell us what listing data parameters to use, and we’ll build you pages that automatically populate on your site with listings data in a search engine-friendly format -- automatically!

How much does this tool cost?

How much will you make with a dramatic increase in traffic to your website?

The cost to customize our tool is quoted based on your ingredient list. Ingredient lists can include any or all search parameters available in your IDX database, as well as standard on-page search engine optimization items, (i.e., your metadata, header data, image & hyperlink optimization, etc.)

Let’s Get Started!

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